"Thank you so very much for your program! In the past 3 months my life has changed. I am completing work at work now - what a novel idea! My weekends are also more open for family time as well"

Hi, I'm Sarah Smith, the Charting Coach.

I would be delighted to help you with your charting, backlogs, inboxes and help you design a clinical day where you get home with today's work done!

Yes Sustainable Clinical Medicine is Possible!

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Do you question if clinical medicine is sustainable for you?


I was the doctor wanting to leave Medicine due to the charting and paperwork. 15 years in clinical practice and still unable to tell my family what time I could be expected to be home. Heading home knowing I had hours left to do after family activities simmered down for the night.

I Loved the Patients and the Medicine, but was hated the job.

When I talk to clinicians I hear exactly the same fear; "Does it ever get any better, Do I have to leave Medicine to make this hamster wheel stop?"

What I know now is that - you will stay in medicine longer if you get a break from it, if you know when the day and the demands will end.

This is not about Physician Retention, this is about Physicians not desperate to escape medicine and building sustainable clinical careers.

When a high percentage of  Physicians are looking for an exit strategy, there's a problem.

This is a Physician Led Solution to the problem.


Clinical medicine feels unsustainable when;

 The clinical day spreads into the evening, weekend and holidays. 

You are feeling disrespected or burdened by more and more demands

You are required to get 5 stars on a Press Ganey score to unlock financial bonuses.

You need to meet productivity units and face performance reviews if these are not met.

You have loss of choice and autonomy in how you would choose to care for the patient

There are not enough Physicians for the population and therefore patients are not attached and fall through cracks if healthcare and Physicians feel responsible

When your job expectations, renumeration and position are at the mercy of government policy or employers

 As I worked through the challenges in my clinical day I realized that I couldn't wait around for the system to change, and I didn't have to. It was and is possible to create sustainable clinical medicine within the clinical environment that you work right now.


That's what sustainable clinical medicine means to me - helping Physicians choose to stay in medicine because they can contain it to the clinical hours,  and create a distinction between life and work.


Yes I still work my full 1300 Rural Family Physician panel, in addition to helping hundreds of Physicians create sustainable clinical medicine for themselves.

And there is still time for daily exercise, sleep, family dinners at the table, cooking supper and relaxed evenings with the family.

But I remember where you are; That overwhelming feeling that the work is never done. The unfinished charts, inboxes that feel heavy. Loving the patients (some of the time anyway!) and hating the job.
You may have done this too, even in residency I asked all my mentors "how do you manage the paperwork and charting?" and I was told repeatedly "I just come in Sunday". This was not the answer I wanted to hear. I read everything on how to improve my clinical day, every Facebook Post about charting, every discussion about burnout. Despite all of this, NOTHING helped me get that consistent result of today's work done today.
I would stay up late to chart, get up at night to chart. Going on holidays was a nightmare. Often up until midnight the night before to complete inboxes and charts, often with a plane to catch at 0500 the following morning.
THE GOOD NEWS was that there is a solution. It is POSSIBLE to get home with today's work done.
It required a complete evaluation of my clinical day and changing and adapting until I had the exact result I was looking for. Running on time and completing my charts and inboxes within the clinical day.
I go through these 4 key steps in my Free STOP CHARTING AT NIGHT Masterclass that you are welcome to watch.
I have spent the last 3 years coaching HUNDREDS of Physicians and Healthcare Providers to get this result for themselves. That's over 1000 hours of coaching Physicians in the specific area of creating sustainable clinical medicine for themselves inside the Charting Champions Program.
Family Physicians, Hospitalists, Internal Medicine Physicians, Other Specialized Physicians.
Are you ready to create sustainable clinical medicine for yourself and get home with today's work done!
Get the exact tools, support and community to help you discover your strategy to getting home with today's work done and create time for your life outside of Medicine
1. CHARTING CHAMPIONS PROGRAM exclusively for Physicians, lifetime access. You get to make this program specific to you with the weekly coaching calls, assistance through the private members Facebook group and using the core teaching modules.
2. The SMARTER CHARTING PROGRAM for Nurse Practitioners and Advanced Practice Providers. You get to make this program specific to your needs with the coaching calls weekly, guest coaches and assistance within the private Facebook community.
Got Questions? You can find me at [email protected] 
Watch the FREE Stop Charting at Night Masterclass

Are you Ready to Get Home with Today's Work Done?


Are you Ready to Create Time for the Things you Love Instead? 

Get the results you want as fast as possible with the tools, support and community of your peers.
The Two Comprehensive Programs are:
Smarter Charting Program for Nurse Practitioners and Advanced Practice Providers
No longer is the answer "Just come in on Sunday's"!
I would be delighted to help you TODAY!
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