Join us for an upcoming Backlog Buddies Session


Join fellow Physicians and Clinicians for a dedicated, quiet time to work on their backlog.


Together we will stay motivated and work hard for 2 solid hours... then, celebrate our wins and get back to our amazing weekend, ready for fun!!!


Backlog Buddies Session Dates:

You may register for ANY Backlog Buddies sessions listed below.

Registering is easy and you can register for as many sessions as you would like.  Click the button below for the date and time that is convenient for you.  Each session will be 90 minutes to 2 hours in length and will be virtual over Zoom.  No prep needed by you! Just show up with your good intentions and have quality, focused work-time with fellow health care clinicians.  There is a nominal fee of $25 CAD (approximately $18 USD) for each session.




Have you had a crazy and hectic couple of weeks (or years)? You know the ones where life happens and you simply find yourself with unfinished charts and inboxes at the end of the week. Know, you are not alone!!

You are invited to put aside procrastination, guilt and dread to join us in dedicated time to get it done.

You have an opportunity to join your peers to keep you motivated and work hard for 2 solid hours. Then back to your amazing weekend ready for fun.

As soon as Backlog Buddies ends I want you skipping into the weekend with guilt free pleasure - make sure to have something fun planned for yourself or with your family.