Join us for an upcoming Backlog Buddies Session!


A Virtual Co-Working Space for Physicians and Clinicians to get their incomplete tasks and charts done.


Set aside procrastination,Ā Ā work hard alongside peers for 2 hours and be delighted in what you can achieve with dedicated time and friends.


Backlog Buddies Session Dates:

Register for ANY Backlog Buddies sessions listed below.

Register for as many sessions as you would like.Ā  Click the button below for the dates and times thatĀ are convenient for you.Ā  Each session will run forĀ 2 hours and is on-line using zoom. We stay muted through the session so you can work uninterrupted.Ā  You will need access to your EMR so that you can get to work on yourĀ incomplete charts and in-basket items!Ā Each session is $25 CAD, that's aroundĀ $18 USD.

A Gamechanger for Backlog Completion!


"You are all so motivating! I got so much done!"

"I don't like that I have a backlog, but I've been looking forward to Backlog Buddies all week!".

Finishing incomplete charts and in-baskets is lonely and boring, you feel guilty that it should have done these items earlier and you are frustrated that you are using valuable time off to get your outstanding work done. It feels like you are never done and the unfinished work is constantly on your mind.

It's so hard to get started and it's so easy to get distracted. You open the chart to get that one note done and end up down a rabbit hole and resurface hours later.

Backlog Buddies canĀ change all that! This is yourĀ virtual co-working space designed to help you stay focused and smash that in-basket!Ā 

Let Backlog Buddies be your motivation and accountability as other Physicians and Clinicians work right there with you šŸ˜

Rather than spending the WHOLE weekend procrastinating (cleaning the kitchen for the fourth time rather than doing those tasks ...) come to a Backlog Buddies session to help you get started!

You may have a HUGE backlog, or just a little left over work from the week. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! We are here to support you getting the work done faster - so you can create time for your life outside of medicine!

Our class facilitators are Physicians and Clinicians just like you!šŸ˜

Each session is 2 hours to work alongside each otherĀ within this virtual co-working session. You will need access to your EMR and we mute our microphones to reduce interruptions.

At the sessions, if you need inspiration and not sure where to start, you can use the chat box within the session to let us help you prioritize and cheer you on šŸ„³šŸ„³

As soon as Backlog Buddies ends have something fun plannedĀ to celebrate getting a good chunk of backlog done!

We look forward to seeing you the next Backlog Buddies session!

AĀ REMINDER FROM THE CHARTING COACH: Life happens, occasionally you are watching a colleagues in-basket in addition to your own, or you have a busy week of call, or that crazy clinic week and those incomplete tasks and charts start collecting.
However, if you find that every clinical day is resulting in an ever growing backlog of incomplete tasks and charts then I would invite you to check out the Charting Champions Program for Physicians or the Smarter Charting Program for Residents and Clinicians so that you can finally create a clinical day where the work of the day is done within the work hours.
HELP ME Get Home with today's work done!