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Create An Amazing 2022

2022 blog guest podcast intention Jan 17, 2022
2022 is underway. You may have noticed that the old work dread or same-old feelings have followed you into 2022.
Well, in good news, I was recently on a podcast with Dr. Jessie Mahoney and Dr.  Siobhan Key to talk about setting the mood for 2022. It's a neat way to start to feel more intentional and change the mood of your daily life.
Before life coaching, I found I was reactive to the things happening in my life. If work was busy, I felt frustrated or mad. If the government made decisions then I wasn't aligned with, I would feel mad or powerless. If 5 forms came in on Friday, I would feel downcast and angry all weekend.
It was exhausting.
I would wish for a day when everything went right so that I could feel better.
Unfortunately, you can't control your external world, other people or how much ends up in your inbox. Ever.
So the opportunities to feel good and relaxed were impossible. How can you feel creative, joyous or relaxed when there are things in your inbox, where there are unfinished charts, when COVID is still around?
It is possible and when you unlock the ability to create your mood, independent of life circumstances, it's like growing wings. You have a new ability to achieve goals you never thought possible, given your current circumstances.
In this podcast, I talk with two amazing Physicians about setting yourself up for success and achieving goals and choosing the mood of your life intentionally.
Here's to making dreams come true for you and your family!  Listen to the podcast by clicking the audio track below.


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