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Tackling Physician Charting Overwhelm

burnout charting guest podcast stop charting at night Oct 25, 2021

“What if it was absolutely possible to get that for yourself? And stepping you one step after another towards that goal.” -Dr. Sarah Smith


Sarah had the pleasure and honour to speak with Dr. Jen Barna from the Doc Working Podcast about tackling physician charting overwhelm.

In this episode of the podcast, Sarah discusses:

  • Her own path to overcoming the charting burden and how she found her most simple solution
  • Changes she implemented in order to go from overwhelmed to being able to go home in the evening with all her paperwork and charts done
  • The benefits this has in not just her clinical day, but other areas of her life as well
  • How working on this together in a community has helped so many other physicians who were feeling burnt out and overwhelmed


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