Welcome! Are you ready to Stop Charting at Night and Create Time for your Life Outside of Medicine?

"I highly recommend this program and I would have loved to have had this program in my early career. It would have saved me so much mental drain and burnout over the years from the charting and paperwork" Dr Key


You are not alone when you are feeling out of control, frustrated, or tired as you go through your clinical day.

You may be spending hours charting in the evening, at night or all weekend and wonder if it ever gets better.

How much time do you estimate you have spent charting? For many Physicians, Nurse Practitioners and Advanced Practice Providers the extra charting time is at least 6 hours a week. That's 350 hours a year!

What would you do with an extra 350 hours a year? 

How would you feel if, after the last patient, you were heading home with everything done?

Sustainable Clinical Medicine is Possible.

Ready to get started?


"With the Charting Coach I found that I really could change my habits and create time for myself to enjoy my life."

"As a primary care clinician coming back to practice post-maternity leave, in the middle of a pandemic, I quickly became overwhelmed with the increasing workload.  One of the major contributors to my burnout was the many miserable hours I was spending on my EMR.  I joined Dr. Smith's course in August, and now in October I can say that I've created a new series of habits that allow me to keep my EMR closed after 5pm every day and my inbox routinely at zero.  Dr. Smith teaches from real lived experience, in a gentle, confident and encouraging manner, that made me feel that I really could change my habits and create time for myself to enjoy my life.  I'm recommending this course to everyone I know!"

-- Dr. Chan, Family Physician, Canada

With Tools, Support and Community,

Sustainable Clinical Medicine is Possible!


Are you ready to stop charting at night & create time for the things you love?

Yes, I'm a Physician
Yes, I'm a Nurse Practitioner or Advanced Practice Provider

Imagine for a Moment:

  • Going home in the evening with everything DONE
  • Spending TIME with your family or your priorities instead of always working
  • Getting processes in place at your clinic to get paperwork done EFFICIENTLY
  • Actually ENJOYING your clinical day


I know sustainable clinical medicine is possible because I have been there, dreading work and feeling my life being sucked away with endless paperwork and administrative burden, demanding patients, running behind and dealing with a seemingly never-ending backlog. Without even mentioning the constant interruptions.

Charting, paperwork and inefficiencies in our clinical days are a major contributor to Physician, Nurse Practitioner and Advanced Practice Provider dissatisfaction. Additionally, you may not be finding time for the activities that help you recover and restore your reserves due to the clinical day spilling over into the evenings and weekends.

Think about it:

  • How much sleep are you getting?
  • How much exercise are you getting?
  • When did you have a weekend free of paperwork?

There are unique stresses associated with managing patient consultations, inboxes and charting.

What if you decided to get help and create time for your life in addition to your work?

You are in exactly the right place to get the help you need to create a sustainable clinical medicine career.

"Professional Coaching is an evidence based solution to help physicians improve their quality of life and reduce burnout."

Source: Effect of a Professional Coaching Intervention on the Well-being and Distress of Physicians  A Pilot Randomized Clinical Trial JAMA Intern Med. 2019;179(10):1406-1414

Charting Coaching gives you specific help to find your most simple solutions to your clinical day, so you can get today's work done today and create time for your life outside of medicine.

Need to earn CME or wanting to use CME Dollars to join the Program?  

For US Physicians, more than 75 AMA PRA Category 1 CME credits available. Using short learning nudges, clinicians can reflect and unlock AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ (Powered by CMEfy)

For Canadian Physicians who are members of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, you can claim credits in Section 3: Practice Assessment (3 credits per hour) for professional coaching.  

Still don't believe sustainable clinical medicine is possible? Listen to Anna's Story:

"Today was my admin day but I managed to stay on task this week and even my inbox was empty. I had nothing to do! I drank tea and kept thinking I was forgetting something. It was a very foreign feeling, thank you!"

~ Family Physician, Dr. Christina

Imagine Not Charting at Night and having a Proven Process to Help You Get Home with Today's Work Done.


Then you would be well on your way to

Sustainable Clinical Medicine!

Charting Champions Program for Physicians
Smarter Charting Program for Nurse Practitioners and Advanced Practice Providers

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