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Stay on Time in Your Office

charting guest podcast staying on time stop charting at night Mar 28, 2022
New podcast episode with Siobhan Key

Piles of paperwork, open charts and running behind in the clinic got you down?

Then I am excited to invite you to listen to this week’s podcast where I joined Siobhan Key of Weight Solutions for Physicians to talk about all things related to staying on schedule and getting home on time with your work done.

This information should be required learning in medical training.  It is so important to physician health and job satisfaction.

Please consider sharing this episode with other physicians.  This one episode has a chance to change someone’s life.  It’s that good.

It is possible to enjoy your work again and not feel like the paperwork never ends.  

Get started by listening to this week’s podcast episode and then head on over to Charting Champions, for more support and community!

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