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backlog blog charting goals mindset planning Aug 16, 2021

What’s on your agenda this weekend? Do you have work left over from the week?

You know what? That is OK. But I want to encourage you to plan both work time and non-working time.

Decide ahead of time your plan for this weekend with regard to your unfinished work.

How many hours are you going to spend doing that unfinished work? When would make sense for you to do the work - time of day and amount of time per session?

Decide what you will do in each time period.

Our brain does not like to make a plan and carry it out at the same time. That’s why we make plans ahead of time.

Additionally, how do you feel Monday when you just worked all weekend and didn’t let yourself have any fun?

Do you regret that all you do is work and work?

Do you wish you could have more fun, more time with the kids, more time for adventuring?

Guess what, you can have both!

But it means planning! Both work and not work time.

Try it out and let me know how it goes for you!

And if you need help, that’s exactly what you will be getting inside the Charting Champions and Smarter Charting programs. Support, advice and accountability from your coaches and peers!

An Intentional life, it feels great!

I would love to see you inside getting the life you really want!

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