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charting control covid empathy mindset self-care Jul 19, 2021

Are you doing another pivot or two now that the pandemic is "over"?

By the way ... It's quite alright if you think the pandemic isn't over, even when the general population thinks it is. If you have an ongoing low level of anxiety that Covid will increase again (or is already increasing), don't worry, you are not alone!

Back to the pivot: many of you have had virtual codes discontinued, you are returning to in-person clinics, or have had visit times reduced to pre-pandemic appointment times (because we don't clean between patients anymore 🤷).

As a trauma informed coach, I know that you are already at risk of the post pandemic mental slump… and now let's add having to make another pivot too!?! 

I want you to know that now is the time to really be taking care of yourself. You have taken on so much change in the last 20 months. To be expected to "bounce back" to pre-pandemic life is not an expectation that you have to "just accept".

You need support, connection, peers that look out for each other, rest and acknowledgment.

Please be gentle on yourself and seek connection with like-minded peers. Build in strategies that help you get freedom for your evenings and weekends.

Do not criticize yourself or flog yourself to simply "cope" with this change. Take the time to curate the change that is required. Examine what you will need to do to make this pivot work for you. This planning happens outside the clinical day.

Talk it out with a peer. Talk it out with your team. Bring your questions and concerns to the coaching calls inside the Charting Champions and Smarter Charting programs.

That's what coaching is for, to let you think out loud, get perspective, find your simple solution, look after yourself and connect with peers.

It's rough out there, so be extra kind to yourself this week and get support.

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