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This Is Serious

blog charting champions making it lighter smarter charting Jul 11, 2022
Making It Lighter Challenge

Have you ever heard your brain say "this is serious" or "I need this result RIGHT NOW"?
You put so much energy into having a new result as fast as possible, it feels urgent and there's a great hustle about it.

It's exhausting and it slows you down.

We concentrate so hard on making it happen, or getting it right, that we hurt ourselves in the process.

Sometimes we can't even start as we are so certain that it's never going to work, that we won't be able to achieve it, that it's too hard.

So, permission to LET IT BE LIGHTER 😊

Let the task or goal be on your horizon but drop the urgency, the panic, the hustle, the grind.

Take a step
Let it be a lesser step than you thought it would be and let it be OK.

Give yourself grace and kindness as you assess the goal and the next best step.

For instance, that backlog, it's not going anywhere and goes even slower when you are telling yourself that "it's serious".

You are less inclined to start working on it when "you have to", "you must", "quickly, quickly".

Instead find a nice beverage, put on some music, set a timer and do the first one chart.
Make it lighter!

Inside the Charting Champions Program and the Smarter Charting Program we are working on Making It Lighter for July.

What are you freaking out about or punishing yourself over? How could you make it easier, lighter, more fun?

Whatever it is, take the time to care for yourself in the process of working toward the goal or result.

Come join us inside the program, find your community and all the support you need to help you create time for your life outside of Medicine - this is not another to-do list, this is your fan club, the community who will lift you up and support you in your journey.

Enjoy your summer!

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