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The Gift of Time ⏰⌛

blog charting champions gift smarter charting Dec 27, 2021
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Do you have that constant urgency, as if there's never enough time?

Does it feel like years since you slowed down and actually felt at peace rather than simply exhausted?

Do you long for a vacation so that you can finally "have a minute to yourself", rather than doing everything for everyone?

Slowing down and gifting yourself time and a few "no's" is not a superpower that only a few humans have. It is also available to you.

I call it the PAUSE. When asked to do something, create a pause.

That might be:
⏰ Taking 24 hours to answer that email
⏰ Not answering the text for an hour
⏰ Saying "let me consider that and get back to you"

What do you do in the PAUSE?  You gift yourself TIME to consider the cost.

If you say yes to that request, what will you have to say no to?

If you say yes to that request, what will be the true time commitment, and when exactly will you do that?

No, I'm not perfect at this! I was 😩 whining to my husband about having said yes to something that I thought would take me a few hours. I had NOT taken the time to plan out exactly what the time commitment would be. 10 hours later, I was a little 😠 cranky at myself.

But, actually, I did have the time - I just would have rather been doing something else!

No one will respect your time for you, that's your job.

We get to create PAUSES and say No as needed in order to give yourself the gift of time, boredom and "a minute of peace" 😍

Try it out, you'll thank yourself later!

And if you are super keen on creating time in 2022 then getting out of the office with everything done would be a great place to start!

Both the Charting Champions and Smarter Charting Programs are here to help you do just that.  Each program is self-paced, so that you can put as little or as much time in as you desire.

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