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The Challenge of Inboxes

backlog blog inbox mindset Oct 18, 2021

In the pursuit of getting today's work done, we need to consider both the time with the patient's and everything else.

Ever notice how your inbox has patterns? Perhaps yours fills automatically overnight, or perhaps it downloads at 4pm. Maybe it comes in on Monday evening and gets scanned in for your attention on Tuesday.

Typically you are in one of three camps: 

CAMP 1: The inbox is done before anything else, in fact you prefer doing it to anything else, it's typically at zero every day and causing minimal stress.

CAMP 2: Oh my goodness, what happened, where did that all come from, I'm never going to get all that done. There are letters and results in there that leave you stuck and dealing with the inbox is stressful and a huge burden. 

CAMP 3: Inbox, what inbox. It's gone beyond reasonable and you are in a state of avoidance. You don't know where to start so you don't. Day after day. You know it's now a huge job. Often associated with guilt and shame.

The good news is that your current approach is not your personality and it does not have to be your approach for your entire career. It's simply what you have trained your brain to do on the regular.

So how would you like to approach your inboxes? Have you ever considered what approach would make sense for your clinical day?

Would you love a non-judgmental space to get help to manage your inboxes in a less stressful way?

Let me offer you the perfect space: inside the Charting Coach Programs with a community of your peers and your Charting Coach.

There is the perfect program for you

  1. Charting Champions Program for Physicians
  2. Smarter Charting Program for Advanced Practice Providers

Inside either program you will not get a one strategy fits all approach, this is a program that you make uniquely yours using the foundational training and personalized coaching in the community and on the group coaching calls.

You don't have to struggle to get through your clinical day. You don't have to take work home. There is help available.

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