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Running on Time Challenge

blog goals running on time challenge Mar 07, 2022
If you are not choosing to change, then you are choosing your current reality.


February inside the program we were working on the challenge of running on time 😊.

Here are some of the major challenges members found:

💥 Needing/using interpreters 

💥 Complex patients

💥 New patients

💥 Long consultations - like psychiatry, geriatric medicine, neurology, transgender health

💥 Residents and learners

We are not giving up, each member has the tools and support to keep improving their consultation efficiency.

Did I add that they also have the challenge to have the notes done before seeing the next patient? That's right, running on time includes having the documentation done ✅.


Impossible goals don't deter us 😎.

They are worthy of being pursued!

Let's look at what happens if we look at a goal, say "it's impossible" and decide not to go for it.

You get what you have right now - a clinical day when you run hours behind, get exasperated, frustrated, overwhelmed and burn out.

If you are not choosing to change, then you are choosing your current reality.


As we talked about last week, Dreams are free. Dreams cost nothing.

So, why wouldn't you want to work on running on time?

What would be different about your clinical day if you saw the patients on time?

How would you feel?

What would be different?

Is that a good enough reason to go for it?

We already know the worst that could happen - it's simply that you would have your current reality. 

So, it's risk-free! You either achieve your goal, make improvements, or stay the same 😊

Did you know that dreams are easier to achieve with friends and support! A strategy can also be very helpful 🙃😉

So I invite you to come on in and get started, we would love to help you!


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