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Quitting is not an option

charting champions goals Feb 01, 2021

Have you ever wished things were different?

Well, it turns out wishing is easy. It requires zero effort. You can sit on the couch and wish that you were able to do a triathlon (or whatever your heart is desiring).

Wishing is not taking action. 

So let's say there is something you really want.  It's burning inside you. It wants to come into being.  What's stopping you.  Pleasure now. That's it. 

If there is something you want, it's going to take courage, determination, lots of effort and discomfort. Think about doing that triathlon. You have to get up and run, cycle, swim. Over and over again. 

That takes TIME, DISCOMFORT and Failure.

What do you mean failure? I don't like failing.

Failing looks like trying to run your best time and not getting that result. You are still training your body and learning. But that day you failed at achieving your goal. Is that a reason to quit - of course no, not if you really want the goal bad enough.

If you want it badly enough you will turn up tomorrow and do it again, learning the lesson of yesterday and trying it a slightly different way.  Ready to fail - if that's what it takes.

So what is quitting?

Quitting is when you run your hardest, don't get the result you want and decide it's all too hard. Quitting feels safe, it's comfortable.

Quitting is also justifiable - "you're not really made for running", "You could try a spin class instead", "you could do it if you wanted to and that's enough"

Do you want the discomfort of the way your life is right now or do you want the discomfort of making your dreams a reality?

Both are hard. Which one is worth the discomfort?

Failing is part of the journey.  But if you want a new result, quitting is not an option and guess what - a coach can help you stay on the path, anticipate and plan for the discomfort, and hold belief for you when things get rough, until you get the result you want.

That is the power of a community and a coach.

Do you want a different result in your clinical day?

More time for evenings and weekends?

Then join us inside the Charting Champions Program.

Spurring each other on to bigger and brighter futures

xx Sarah the Charting Coach

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