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Intentional Rest 😌

blog charting champions intentional rest rest smarter charting May 16, 2022
Rest is not a reward

Inside the Charting Champions Program and Smarter Charting Program we have 30 day challenges.

The challenge for May is Intentional Rest!

Dr Kemia Sarraf is our guest coach inside the Charting Champions Program this month and one of the 💥💥truth bombs💥💥 that she dropped on our first call together is REST IS NOT A REWARD.

I'll say that again: Rest is NOT a Reward.

Rest is important to your health, just like water and sleep 😍

If you start to create intentional rest time you will also notice when your brain wants to stress and "should" about your unfinished work and you can start to practice "This is my rest time".

It is an opportunity to bring joy, calm, peace EVEN WHEN you have a backlog of unfinished tasks and charts.

Permission to rest! Intentionally!


Join us inside the community, a group of your peers who can help you off load all that mental load and move you towards your goals of getting home with everything done.

Yes it's possible, even for you 🤓🥳

And don't forget to register for the free Live Masterclass coming up soon 🎉🎉


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