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Each class is 45 - 60 minutes in length.

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Stop Charting At Night Masterclass

Are you spending hours charting in the evening, at night, or all weekend?

How different would your day feel if, as the last patient consultation ended, all the charting was done? I can tell you, it feels amazing!

I want to help you have this future for yourself. Believe it or not, it is possible. You, too, can be in control again!

Ready to learn how?

Join us in the free masterclass to:

  • Learn how to reduce your mental load at work
  • Discover the true cost of charting
  • Learn the exact steps to stop charting at night.
  • Start to feel in control of your clinical day.
  • Learn about the Charting Champions Program


Close Your Charts Today Masterclass

Do you feel the constant mental burden of unfinished charts and tasks? Are you frustrated getting to the end of your clinical day and still have charting to do?  

You want to be able to enjoy your evenings and weekends, but that paperwork weighs heavily on all your activities. It's so overwhelming. 

This masterclass is just for you. 

Join us in this free masterclass where you will learn:

  • To reduce the Mental Load of your Clinical Day
  • How to close your charts same day
  • How to create time for the activities that you work so hard for

Getting home with today's work done today is a game changer! I can't wait to see you in the masterclass.