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Inbox Challenge

blog inbox strategy time management Aug 09, 2021

Are you annoyed enough yet? The constant stream of stuff to do in your day. Messages, results, patient portal, letters to read, scripts to do. Then there are the message or worklist items that you left for yourself to do. 

Are you asking yourself if it will ever end?

Are you wondering if you will ever get today’s work done?

Do you get mad at yourself for leaving yourself that task for later?

Are you looking at the same thing in your inbox for weeks and week?

Well I want you to know that it is possible to get home with today’s work done today.

Yes, it’s possible.

Coming in September we are running a 30 day INBOX challenge inside Charting Champions and Smarter Charting.

Are you joining us?

Now is the perfect time to get inside the program to finally figure this out for yourself!

We will be working on:

  • How long your inboxes take each week
  • Your simple strategy to do this work
  • Getting the work done
  • Using your team 
  • Emptying these inboxes as fast as possible

The Inbox requests never end. Ever. It’s part of the job. 

But that doesn’t mean it has to break you. 

Your mental energy needs protecting. You make thousands of decisions daily. When we have a strategy for this, your clinical day becomes easier and more enjoyable. 

How do you know if you need help? If you are dreading looking at your messages and inbox. If you are filled with guilt about the number of unfinished tasks. If you are tired and avoiding even looking at that inbox.

Then it’s time to get strategy, support, encouragement and motivation.

30 days to feeling confident around your inboxes.

Are you ready!

Join now and get started.

Let’s get home with today’s work done today!

xx Sarah, the Charting Coach.

Just to remind you, if you are a Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant or Healthcare Professional, there are only a few more weeks to join the Smarter Charting Program before we close the doors. See you inside!

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