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I like quitting ahead of time

blog goals guest podcast quitting May 17, 2021

I wish …. We all say this. 

I wish I could run 5 km.
I wish I could have a weekend off.
I wish someone else would do the dishes

Wishing is easy, it requires no effort. You can sit on the couch and wish that you could explore the deepest ocean or become an astronaut.

It is a longing that requires no discomfort on your part.

You can desire it, but you are deciding that it’s too hard.

You are quitting on making that goal a reality.  Change requires commitment and effort.  It requires failure too.

You are committing to NOT having the result you want for QUITE some time.

Think about it.

If you want to run 5 km, and you have never run before, you have to start running and FAIL at running 5 km for weeks before you manage to do it.

When you committed to going to college to become educated and a professional, you didn’t actually succeed until they gave you that certificate at the end.

Every day at college was learning and failing (at not being a graduated professional) until you passed the final hurdle.

You might still think failing is making an error and a reason to be mad at yourself

Unfortunately, this was taught to you in school, and you're continuing this thinking.

The truth is that success and failure are BOTH taking you closer to that thing that you were just wishing for before. If it helps you can call it succeeding or learning.

What stops you achieving your goals is quitting or quitting ahead of time.

So pluck one of your many wishes out of your head and consider if you really want it, like 100% committed to making it happen. Even if it means a lot of “learning” (failing). What would you love to create and WHY?

What would be different when you get that result for yourself, how determined are you?

You can create impossible things in your life if you are willing to experience lots of failure (learning - remember!) mixed in with success.

And if your impossible thing is to have the weekend free of paperwork and charting, then why not get some help! Having support in your corner as you step toward your impossible goal makes it a little harder to quit on yourself! Someone to lift you up after a learning experience and keep you pointed in the right direction.

Keep failing and moving toward your impossible goal, and it will happen.

What are you going to go after?

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