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Physician Holiday Strategy: Leave Your Inboxes Behind!

blog burnout charting paperwork time management Jul 05, 2021

It’s that time of year, the middle! I’m not sure about you, but here in Alberta it has been a heatwave!

Are you getting ready for a summer break? Do you have a holiday strategy or do you dread holidays?

I know that I used to dread holidays. I knew how hard it was to get those inboxes emptied out, ready for my colleague to look after my inbox during my leave. Some of you don’t trust a colleague to watch your inbox during your leave, and you can truly say that you have not had a day off in years.

This is not a badge of honour.

You are a human who also needs your time for rest and restoration.

Back to the holiday plan. How could you make it easier, simpler and delightful to go on holidays? It took me 15 years to ask myself this question!

Seriously, how could you remove the parts of going away and coming back that you dread? Here’s one strategy - but please find your most simple solution!

  1. Plan a WHOLE day (or more) to actually have time to empty your inbox, and I don’t mean the first weekend of your holidays, start the holiday one (or three) days early to get yourself ready

  2. Plan a WHOLE day to empty your inbox when you get back BEFORE you start your clinical days (again, NOT Sunday!)

  3. If possible, DO NOT have the first 2 weeks back “fully booked” when you get back. You know EXACTLY what is going to happen - patients have been waiting, they call in and the only place to put them is “add-ons!” THIS IS NOT KIND for you OR your patients!! Instead, only allow half the appointments to be booked ahead of time for the whole week or two of your return. THEN you have PLENTY of space to put everyone who calls in for an appointment. These start being booked the day you return.

This is my SWEET recipe for holidays.

The bottom line - be KIND to you too!

Find someone to mind your inbox. Make space to empty the inboxes. Make space to put all your patients.

Need more help? I am excited to announce that the Smarter Charting Program is NOW OPEN for early access and you also get an early bird discount that is ONLY available until August 12th.

The Smarter Charting Program is for Healthcare Professionals (nurse practitioners, physician assistants, psychologists, naturopaths).

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See you inside, and plan yourself an amazing holiday this summer!


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