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blog charting champions procrastination smarter charting Jul 18, 2022
That work you are procrastinating is easier than you think

Whether you are staring at a pile of laundry, a backlog or a post-call inbox - it's easy to get overwhelmed.

Do you catch yourself saying;

Where do I even begin?
I don't even know where to start.
I'm never going to be able to finish

It's easy to be defeated before you even begin.

Then what happens?
We stop trying and find something else to do. It might even feel like something important - like emails, cooking supper, vacuuming the lounge room

Whatever it is, it's procrastination of the work you were planning to do.

There's nothing wrong with you, it's simply our way of avoiding discouragement, shame, overwhelm and other less fun emotions

So how do we start to change our usual pattern of procrastination?

One answer is to let it be lighter

This is the challenge we are doing together inside the Charting Champions Program and Smarter Charting Program this month.

Try this exercise, next time you hear that familiar sigh and defeat starts overcoming you, say out loud "It's not as hard as I think it is"

It's like staring at the mountain and then bringing your gaze down to the next step on the hiking trail.

You can make that next one step.

"Its not as hard as I think it is"
"It's not as far as I think it is"

Let it be easy
Let it be lighter

And come join us, it's always easier with friends, support and encouragement

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