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An Intentional Life

blog planning strategy time management Aug 23, 2021

Are you living your intentional life? Having plenty of time for rest, play, sleep and fun?

Perhaps work is creeping into these spaces?

This does not have to be the way it is. It is possible to keep your work to the clinical hours of your week. But it does take planning, strategy and commitment to get this result for yourself.

How is it possible?

These are the steps: 

  1. Complete tasks as you do them - after the consultation, complete the work of that consultation before seeing the next patient.
  2. Complete tasks as you see them - don’t look at tasks three or four times before you do them, plan to look at them when you have the time to complete them.
  3. Be aware and intentional about the minutes and seconds of your day - notice the inefficiencies, interruptions and time wasting. Start making a plan that works for you and remember that NO ONE else will ever protect your time, that’s your job.

You don’t need to be alone through this process. You can have support, encouragement and assistance to build an intentional clinical day within the Charting Champions and Smarter Charting Programs.

How do you get started? 

Sit and think about the answer to this question: What would be awesome?

Consider this in the context of your life, clinical day, relationships etc.

Write it down, what would be awesome?

Now you know what you want, this helps you know where you are going.

Many of us have never asked ourselves what we really want.

We just go through the motions of doing what we need to do day after day without intention.

There is so much more available to us.

An intentional life of desires achieved.

Are you ready to create awesome?

I would love to help you on your journey.

Have a fabulous week!

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