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Your Charting Done: A 30 Day Challenge

blog charting champions stop charting at night Apr 26, 2021
I often get asked "How long does it take when I start your program to get home with my charting done?"
The answer is up to you, of course!
Many physicians see significant changes within days. However, 30 days is plenty of time for you to see progress in this area.
Inside Charting Champions you have immediate access to the teaching videos, the supportive community, and the coaching call replays.
Be committed to getting home with your charting done!  You CAN do this in 30 days!  Join us and challenge yourself!
How do I get started?
We start by finding the reasons that you are not getting your charting done within or directly after each consultation. 
We examine why it is impossible to get your charting done and then all the ways that you can start to make it possible.
You may have dozens of reasonable reasons to leave your charting until later. However, if you want to start getting home with your charting done, then it's time to start questioning your objections.
What if, in 30 days, you made it possible to get your charting done after every patient.
You are not alone in your desire to make this your reality. You can have a community of like minded physicians to help you today. Inside Charting Champions Program this is exactly what we do, we help you find your strategy to get your charting and paperwork done. 
Here's what the Charting Champions are saying:
"Charting was the easiest part of the project for me and accomplished fast. Almost 7 months in and a rare note missed"
"Finishing notes the same day has completely changed my outlook on my job"
I know you can do this.
Create a new reality for yourself.
Have a wonderful day!

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