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Go ahead, you deserve it!

blog self-care worthy May 10, 2021
I shared with my Charting Champions this weekend regarding my decision to go for a hike with my hiking buddy.
Prior to using a life coach I would always pass the offer of a hike through this filter: "Do I deserve to go on this walk? Have I done enough? Are my inboxes empty?"
Do you ask yourself these questions before you enjoy your weekend? I want you to catch yourself if you do this.
So ... if I had things to do in my inbox, or charts to do, why did I deserve to go on this walk?
This is why: your inbox number, your unfinished chart number, the number of hours you have spent charting this week....these are ALL JUST MATH and COMPLETELY NEUTRAL.
So back to the question: do you deserve to go on a walk, or play Lego with the kids, or read that novel?
The answer is YES!! Yes you do deserve to! Why? Because you are already good enough, you are already amazing, you are incredible, and you need your rest and restoration.
Your worthiness for rest and joy is NOTHING to do with the NEUTRAL NUMBER of items in your to-do list.
So I want you to catch any of these thoughts like "I'm good because I did (or didn't) do xyz today" Nope!
"I did charting" is neutral
"I am good enough and I did charting"
They are separate
You are already good, amazing, worthy. Because you are a human and worthy of love.
Nothing you DO makes you more good or more worthy.
So if you get an invitation to go for that walk, catch yourself if you start evaluating if you deserve it, because it is always a resounding yes !! 😁 😁
Want to join this amazing community who love looking after themselves in addition to taking care of their clinical work? Then join us inside the Charting Champions Program, we would love to help you have great weekends too.

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