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Who are you?

Apr 14, 2019

Are you defining yourself by your past. Do you know that you can move forward into a future of your choosing.

Ever thought to yourself "I always run late", "I never start on time"? You have the power to change these results!

To create a new result you need to go right back to the thoughts you are having. If your clinic schedule starts at 9am, what are you thinking at 7am. The result of starting on time starts long before 9am. It starts with your thoughts as you wake up.

Tomorrow morning evaluate your thoughts at 7am. What are you thinking about your day. I expect you are probably on auto pilot, your thoughts are so well practiced that they have become automated. You are likely going to want to argue with me that there are no thoughts about your 9am clinic, but I know that they are there!

"I wonder how booked I will be today", "damn it's Monday", "there's not enough coffee to get through today", "there's 21 patients booked in today - that's so many I will never get through them all!".

Try it out, what are you thinking as you get ready for your day.

The first step to changing your future is acknowledging what is happening now that is causing your result. It starts with what you think about yourself and your day. Those thoughts are key. You may force yourself into a new action but the result cannot be sustainable if you don't change your thoughts.

What if you started your day with a new thought, a thought that generates energy for your day. It has to be believable to your brain and you have to practice it. It feels really uncomfortable when you first practice a new thought.

Remember how difficult it was to find your thoughts at 7am, they were so automated you didn't even acknowledge them as optional thoughts.

Try on "21 patients, that's easy". This thought could generate an emotion such as energised. Energised gets you moving through your morning with more determination toward the tasks ahead, the result - starting on time or focused on productivity.

This might not be the thought that you choose, but consider your thoughts. They are optional. Finding new thoughts helps you build a new future.

My morning used to start with "I've got too much to do so I con't go to the gym this morning", now I hear my brain say "I've got so much to do, I will never get it done unless I get to the gym this morning!". Exercise helps me wake up and be more productive. This is my thought about exercise. It's just a thought, it's optional, there's a little science to it but really - that is what I have taught my brain to think about going to the gym.

21 patients per day? Yes that used to be my absolute maximum. I could not comprehend any change in this number. However on Friday it was 38 patients and the last patient left at 4.30pm. What changed? My thoughts. That's it. I have the same skills, I am the same person, but I now believe I am capable of seeing 38 patients when I need to.

Who are you becoming?

xx Sarah, the Charting Coach

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