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What's so bad about a backlog?

backlog blog mindset Apr 19, 2021
Don't be ashamed, you are more than your backlog


Ask any physician, there’s plenty of things wrong with a backlog. 

Here’s some common thoughts:

  • A backlog means I’m inefficient
  • A backlog means I’m a terrible physician
  • A backlog means I could lose my job
  • A backlog means I will need a performance review


Any of these thoughts contribute to overwhelm, exhaustion, shame, guilt, self-doubt.

You want to give up. Perhaps it means you need to leave clinical medicine?

Well, as a physician Charting Coach I want you to know that I don’t let your backlog mean anything about YOU. I still see you, struggling under the weight of unfinished charts and inboxes.

Yes you are still worthy, yes you are still allowed to have a life, yes you can enjoy yourself on the weekend. 

The overwhelm, shame and guilt simply cause you to be stuck.

You have a lack of momentum and then the backlog becomes an impossible and growing mountain.

So what now?

It starts with compassion and a do-able plan

  • Give yourself rewards for achievement, however small.
  • Plan time that is not backlog time, where you intentionally forget about it.
  • Plan focus time for thinking about how you would like to approach your backlog.


You can close a chart one at a time until it’s done!

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