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What I Didn't Know About Burnout

burnout charting champions Jan 25, 2021

This month inside the Charting Champions Program we have guest Physician Coach Ana Blake. Ana was live with us inside the program today talking about burnout.

We discussed our self-talk. The automated thoughts that just decide to show up when we are having a bad day.

I've heard these thoughts referred to as a shitty boyfriend by another amazing coach (Corrine Crabtree).

Think about it. You are running 40 minutes behind and NOT because you were sitting on your butt drinking coffee and eating donuts. You walk into the consult room of your next patient and WHAM, your patient says "You never run on time any more".

Guess what....Not only do you have to decide what you are going to think about what that person just said. You also have a human brain and your human brain is sometimes... a shitty boyfriend. Your brain immediately offers "Yep, you're hopelessly slow".

Now come on! Listen up. That is NOT YOUR TRUTH. It is your shitty boyfriend automated response.

We need to PAUSE and reconsider those words that our brain just spewed out.

Those words are not true.

Think about it. All the GOOD THINGS you have already achieved this morning.

All the reasons you are running 40 minutes behind.

I bet you advocated for a patient. Checked for screening tests that were overdue. Rang an anxious patient with their results. Squeezed in that suffering patient.

Whatever it was, BE PROUD of what you did.

We need to break up with the shitty boyfriend who puts us down, and start listening to our best friend brain instead.

Be nice. Play fair. Be proud of yourself and don't discount all the hard work you have done to get 40 minutes behind.

You can let them be wrong about you and move on.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

And next time you are inside the membership portal for Charting Champions be sure to catch the replay! 

Not inside Charting Champions yet? 

Get in there and start creating time for the things you love (including you my friend, including time for you!!)

xx Sarah the Charting Coach


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