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What are you giving up for the busy? 😨 😨

time management Dec 04, 2020

Take a moment and think about this question. 

What would be different about your evening if your charting and inboxes were done?

Common answers are: I would have time to exercise, read for fun, play with the kids, walk the dog.

So many of the Physicians tell me that the “busy” is stealing their lives and their joy.

“I’m never done” is a constant thought.

“I should be finishing my work” is a constant thought when they are trying to step away from the busy.


Can’t catch a break?

Many physicians tell me that they haven’t exercised in years.

They feel like a disappointment in their family time.

They haven’t read a book for pleasure for years.


The “busy” 😨 😨 is stealing their joy and their recovery time.


Is this you too?


So answer the question: What would be different about your evening if your charting and inboxes were done?

Then email me and let me know what the evening would be filled with!


Are the answers amazing, they should be!

But does it seem impossible?

Don’t worry, I'm not asking you to go out and create this amazing evening on your own.

The Charting Champions Program is a program designed for you, to help you tame the “busy”.

A step by step process to get today’s work done today- and get you home to the things you love.

Don’t you want to join the Physicians who are getting home with their charting done and saying:

“I’m going home, playing with the kids for hours, making dinner, Working out for 45 minutes, spending time with my wife and still have spare time”

“I read a book….for fun!”

“I exercised this week”

“I don’t know what to do with myself on weekends”


I call these the wonderful problems to have, how to keep oneself entertained when work is actually done!

I would love to have you join us inside Charting Champions, so that you too can wonder what to do with yourself because the work is done.

xx Sarah, the Charting Coach

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