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Weekend Success

Jul 21, 2019

What would make this a successful weekend for you? Think about waking up on Monday morning and evaluating your weekend. What will you be grateful that you got done this weekend?

Is this a memory making weekend full of adventures and quality family time? This is my personal favorite!

Did you have grand plans to tidy that closet?

My least favorite question prior to thinking about it this way was "What are you doing this weekend" as I often had no plan but plenty of Monday regret.

Now I plan it backwards: I think about Monday morning and what I wish I would have got done.

Hint: If you have the thought "I have so much to do!" then you are going to feel overwhelmed or stuck. I suspect this will lead to lots of buffering with food, alcohol, Netflix or Facebook....

Instead take 10 minutes and write down exactly what you wish you could have got done this weekend.

Now - schedule those tasks in. Actually write down when you are going to do these tasks and how long you are going to give yourself to do them.

How long will the task take? You can make a decent estimate of time if you were focused and disciplined in your effort. If it takes long you get the choice to finish the task or reschedule the rest of the task for later.


Of course, you schedule your free time in first!! But now that you have a plan of free time and when tasks will be done you can truly enjoy your free time. No more "I should be getting the laundry done" as you relax on your Saturday morning walk. Because you know the laundry is being done at 4pm Saturday afternoon!

Scheduling reduces your mental load and allows you to be truly enjoying your scheduled free time.

The catch? You have to show up to your planned events with focus and energy to get the task done. I can guarantee at 4pm Saturday when your calendar reminds you that it's time to do the laundry that you are definitely going to want to eat, snooze, watch Netflix or Facebook. Anything but laundry. You are human after all!

Choose a thought like "I am giving myself the gift of a satisfying weekend" as you walk toward the laundry! Put on your favorite music or find words of appreciation toward yourself as you do the task.

Have a fabulous weekend!

xx Sarah, the Charting Coach

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