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Watch this! A real life Charting Champion

charting champions Sep 25, 2020

I have been planning and preparing the most simple strategies to get you feeling better in your clinical day. 

I delight in seeing the successes of my Charting Champions!

I would love to introduce you to Ana who has captured her story for you.

This is what I know about you already:

  • You are enormously valuable as a family physician
  • You deserve and require evenings free of paperwork
  • You spend too much of your valuable time charting

What I want to teach you: 

  • How you can be in control of your clinical day 
  • How you have the result of an evening free of charting
  • The value of Physician Coaching
  • The roadmap to becoming a Charting Champion

What is a Charting Champion?

A Charting Champion knows their worth and value to their patients. 

A Charting Champion takes care of themselves to be able to take care of others.

A Charting Champion invests in themselves to create the future they want.

A Charting Champion is courageous in attempting all processes until they create the exact result that they want for their clinical day.

A Charting Champion is willing to suck at new challenges as they are determined to get the result they want in their clinical day.


Are you ready to become a Charting Champion?

I think you are just the physician I am looking for to join us inside Charting Champions

I’ll see you there

xx Sarah, the Charting Coach

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See you Inside!
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