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Uploading CME

Sep 04, 2019

Today I worked with my coach on learning how to do tasks that I think are a waste of time. I'm sure you all have those!! As I continue on this journey to master the impossible goal of having no homework as a Family Physician I am questioning EVERYTHING!! I am paving the way to help other family physicians also get home with no homework!

My journey today was tackling uploading CME certificates.

Do you tell yourself the same story that this is a waste of your time?

I stockpile years of CME certificates waiting for that magical day when I will feel like jumping on the college website and spending hours uploading CME details!! Or I do it the night before it's due!

But you know what? That thought right there "It's a waste of time"  - it's OPTIONAL!! Isn't that the best news!

You could actually be pleased to upload CME to the college site. How? Well what if you remember that this activity allows you to work as a physician!

Wasn't that your dream! What if you told your 17 year old self that by entering these certificates of participation into a website you get to work as a physician for a year?

Cool right! 

Don't add suffering! You can totally manage boring and get it done!

xx Sarah, the Charting Coach

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