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Togetherness Makes It Easier

blog charting champions community connection smarter charting Sep 19, 2022
Togetherness is important and necessary

This month in the Charting Champions Program and Smarter Charting Program we are celebrating connection.

If you have ever had a bad day, even if nothing's particularly gone wrong, it becomes infinitely better when shared with a true friend. Someone who just lets you have a bad day, they might make you laugh momentarily, or simply acknowledge that you exist and they value you. A hug, a smile, even just noticing something in your voice or behaviour that prompts them to say "you ok, can I get you something". You remember these moments as so precious and you know those who you count as true friends.

Today I am post call, after two weekends of ER duty. My brain is simply tired. I am spent. I slept most of the day, between call from the nurses about my inpatients.

I generally had a pity party for one.

But I wasn't alone. I let my closest friends know that I was post call and miserable. They checked in after I woke up. They provided assistance with some big personal decisions that couldn't be put off. I rang my mom to get her opinion on a matter and let her know that I was bound to cry but I'm fine, just post call and needing help to think through a decision.

When we stare at that overfilling inbox or backlog we can have thoughts of despair and loneliness. Tears, miserable, energy sapped. It's awful to tackle it in your own. It's so much nicer with friends who understand.

In the last two days I have seen that camaraderie show up in the Charting Champions and Smarter Charting communities. Someone will jump on and ask for a partner as they start their backlog. Working side by side. Cheered on by the rest of us and they work their backlogs down.

So permission to connect, it's truly our lifesaving action. We can do hard things, we have learned to grind through exhaustion, but it isn't safe or fair to do it alone. Let others know when you are vulnerable emotionally and need support. Being together is important and necessary.

If you don't have a community then join ours. It's a space where your peers get it and want to cheer you on and support you.

Have a great week everyone!


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