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Time and money

Jun 20, 2019

Did you know time is your most valuable asset when you are evaluating time, money and knowledge.

You can always make more money, you can always learn new knowledge, but you can never have more time.

Let’s take forms as our example for this blog.

A typical form in our clinic is charged $30. Some of my colleagues from other parts of the country charge the OHIA advised rate of $300/hour for forms.

So I had some choices – Do the form for $30 regardless of time, Charge per hour, or as my preferred option – do the form within the time limit (6 minutes if I am aiming for $300/hour or 9 minutes if I am OK with $200/hour).

This changes my focus.

Preparation – the patient has to fill in their parts of the form and sign the authorization before I begin – they get it back until this is done. The patient provides the dates for the form – date of injury, date stopped working, date of admission etc.

I fill out what I know from the information I have at hand and work fast and hard and don’t stop until it is done, giving myself my predetermined time limit.

If insurance companies want more information they will typically write to ask for this.

So I choose time over money.

Heck – I would prefer to have that form done in light speed than take my time and haggle with the patient for more money!

Snappy work is what you are getting for $30, but I also get to keep my time.

Consider your options and what you most desire in this situation – Time or Money.

Paperwork is here to stay. Don’t let it eat up your time and don't "take you time" with forms.

Think of it like cleaning the bathroom - not your favorite chore, it needs to be done, so get in and out fast!

xx Sarah, the Charting Coach

xx Sarah, the Charting Coach

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