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That's Enough of That!

behind blog charting champions inbox May 09, 2022
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The number of items in your inbox at the end of the day is NOT what makes you "good enough".

I was talking with Physicians this week and many of you said that those pesky inbox items left at the end of the day somehow means "I haven't done enough". That somehow you've failed or are not good enough.

So listen up!

YOU have done more than enough
YOU are extremely productive
YOU have made thousands of important decisions today
YOU have done amazing things for your patients
And the number of items in your inbox has nothing to do with how amazing you are.

The reason we strive to get today's work done inside Charting Champions Program is to create time for your life outside of medicine - NOT because it makes you better in any way.

YOU are already an amazing Physician. Period.

And if you also want to create more time for your evenings and weekends then the Charting Champions Program is here to help you achieve this goal.

But you get to be amazing and enough right now, just the way you are 😍❤️

You can take my word for it.
You can even whisper it to yourself
Or shout it from a rooftop

You are amazing
You are enough
You have done enough!!!

Now go rest and be proud of yourself
You worked hard today and you need to recover hard too!

❤️❤️ Sarah

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