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Taking Control

charting champions guest podcast smarter charting stop charting at night taking control Aug 15, 2022
New podcast episode with Michele Hannay

I am honoured to have been invited to speak on the Alberta Medical Associations One Nail At A Time Podcast.  As part of a 3-part-series on streamlining your family practice, I talked about how I transformed my practice by taking control of the aspects that I could.

Listen in as I share how I realized that change was needed in the way I practiced, and then set a goal of getting home on time (and without extra work to do during evenings and weekends!).   We also discuss how I did not and could not have done this alone and how working with my team to make this goal a reality was a must. I share how I get 'today's work done today' and provide tips and strategies that you may find helpful in streamlining your own practice.




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