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Take Your Time

blog change charting champions simple solutions smarter charting time Oct 11, 2021

When we sign up for this profession, we expect to have a nice, long career.

We also expect that eventually everything becomes easy and familiar and stable, so that clinical days become predictable and reliable.

Imagine our disappointment when, decades later, we are stuck in a never-ending cycle of incomplete work, unpredictable hours of unfinished work that seems never ending.

We ask “what went wrong” yet stay caught in this continuous cycle.

We may even ask, “when does it get better”.

These questions are enough to break you, because we know, in truth, it doesn’t get better on it’s own. Some of us have tried changing job, changing workplace, changing number of patients etc and have had the heartbreaking realization that the problems follow us.

I have said many times that it is possible to get home with today’s work done. No matter what workplace you work in, no matter what EMR you use. It is possible.

You may, however, still not believe it is possible for you.

You may have decided that you are too slow, too old, too set in your ways to ever have that result for yourself.

What if it was possible, even for you?

Guess what, you are in charge of the results you want.

You get to take your time.

You get to make one little change at a time.

You get to make one simple step at a time.

There’s no rush.

There’s no expectation that you make changes overnight.

This is the specific reason that Charting Champions and Smarter Charting Programs are not 8 weeks programs.

We want you to find your most simple solutions for permanent change.

The change you want...your way

So join the program and take your time.

Fast or slow, with the support you need to make the changes you want.


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