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Sustainable Clinical Medicine is for YOU!

charting champions charting coach podcast sustainable clinical medicine podcast Jan 23, 2023
New Podcast Episode: Sustainable Clinical Medicine is for YOU!

🎊🎊 Announcing the brand new Sustainable Clinical Medicine Podcast  🎊🎊

I hope you will celebrate with me in this new venture I have embarked on. The goal of this podcast is to capture the stories of physicians who have made clinical medicine sustainable in their own lives, including their before and after stories. I will also interview coaches who are helping Physicians create sustainable clinical medicine for themselves.

I certainly hope you enjoy this first episode!!


Meet Michele Hannay

Michele Hannay is passionate about helping physicians to reclaim the joy in their practice and create thriving clinics with teams that work. β€―She is a certified executive coach with close to 20 years experience in quality improvement, team culture and practice re-design.

Would you like to view a transcript of this episode?  Click here


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