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Stop Charting At Night!

stop charting at night Nov 19, 2019

Why should you stop charting at night?

What's wrong with charting at night?

What would be different if you didn't have any charting to do at night?

I believed that it was impossible to have no homework as a family physician.

I believed that this was a normal part of family medicine and that family medicine would always steal me away from my family and paperwork was the part of the job that I just had to suffer.

But I couldn't and I hear from my colleagues that they can't anymore either.

Family Physicians are hurting, as I was.

The administrative burden was the heartbreaking. It was interrupting my sleep, my engagement with my family and my love of family medicine.

I had to figure this out.

I believed that if I could figure out how to stop charting at night, then I would change the course of Family Medicine for myself forever.

And I did.

It felt amazing.

Going home with no homework was a miracle.

So I helped other Family Docs do it to.

I coached them on their own expectations, the was they do consultations, the discomfort of keeping patients waiting. Putting off charting until later.

You know what happened?

They succeeded too

They had administration days with nothing to do so they have to come up with new ways to use this time

Their families stared in disbelief as they walked in the door hours earlier than they used to

Can you imagine Family Medicine without homework?

Can you imagine how incredible it would be to practice then?

Want to know more?

Need Help?

 I would love to help you with your charting problem

xx Sarah, the Charting Coach

PS I would love to work with you to help you create time for the things you love

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And Make time for everything else!

See you Inside!

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