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Spend less time charting and more time doing what you love

guest podcast paperwork time management Jun 14, 2021
New Podcast Sarah speaks with Galen Nuttall

Do you feel out of control, frustrated, or tired as you go through your clinical day? 

Are you spending hours charting in the evening, at night or all weekend?

Listen to this podcast where Sarah speaks with Galen Nuttall, from A Clean Bill of Wealth, and shares how you can get home with your charting and paperwork done!




  • Sarah shares a bit of her own personal story and struggle in getting her charting done
  • Paperwork is a math problem
  • Decision-making fatigue 
  • Start focusing on how to do business better - what could I do better that would make my clinical day smoother?
  • Feeling overwhelmed and have no idea where to start
  • Coaching helps with your mindset
  • Financial impact - spreading the work out over more hours
  • Create time for the things you love - learn to enjoy your free time again
  • Find your most simple solution to getting today's work done today 
  • Optimize the systems you are currently using - where are the minutes and seconds going? 


To learn more and find out how you can be the next Charting Champion click here! 

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