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Feb 10, 2020

Do you ever walk into a consult room and apologize for being behind. How about adding a few reasons...

Ever wonder why?

Let's try victim mentality - it's not your fault, let's blame external circumstances. And if that's not enough, how about some self pity - "my patients just have so many problems, they don't respect my time".

Gather a few friends or your partner and tell them just how awful it is.

How does that feel? Truly indulgent?
A small party of poor me.

Are you mad at me? For wondering why you do that to yourself?

What if you have the ability to be empowered and confident, even if you are running behind.

A simple "thanks for waiting" and getting on with it.
Not wasting time or wallowing in self pity.

Try it out

Become aware of those times that you are giving away your power to others

Do you want your patients to have that sort of power over you emotions?

Of course not!

You can be in charge of your feelings
Ask me how
I'd love to show you

xx Sarah, the Charting Coach

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