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Same day access

Dec 31, 2019

Family Physicians, have you ever wondered what same day access feels like?

It feels like "YES!"

Can you see Mrs Jones for a cough: Yes!
Can you fit in a UTI: Yes!
Can you see your always last minute diabetic for annual refills and a chat: Yes!
Mr Worker injury needs a review:Yes!
Mr Driver needs his annual driver medical today:Yes!

The Holy Grail and it's been like that all last week and this week!

You know the strangest part - when I saw all those empty appointment slots I entertained a moment of shame "my patients mustn't love me anymore" and "maybe I'm doing a bad job"

Or maybe just maybe my last 18 months of being consistent, using and training my team, doing my access measures finally hit the sweet spot!!

Additionally I have been fully full every day and patients have been thrilled to get in so quickly.

It's a big "Yes!" All round


Create systems to support your panel of patients (worklists, recalls)

Reduce return rate - phoning patients with results, faxing diabetic requisition to lab then see patient with results.

Manage your paperwork so that you can comfortably fit in a few extra patients daily without feeling burnout.

There were so many small changes that added up to the final result.

This was my how, yours will look different!

Keep working toward your impossible goals!!

It's worth it!


xx Sarah, the Charting Coach

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