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Rest 😌 some more!

blog intentional rest May 23, 2022
ocean shoreline

Following on from the theme of last week, this month inside the Charting Champions Program and Smarter Charting Program we are learning and practising intentional rest 😌❤️

This is an opportunity to be kind to yourself and rest well. To quiet the internal voice that tells you that you "should be" working or "should have" been more caught up.

So this week's blog comes from the beach (actual ocean front!) at Sooke, British Columbia 😍❤️.

I am here to teach the Family Physician Residents how to evaluate their clinical day so that they can plan and create a clinical day that gets them home with everything done ✅

Can you imagine if you had access to this game plan as a resident? I know for me it would have saved me many hundreds of hours of work outside of the clinical day over my career!

But, back to intentional rest - I totally could have filled in all the blanks this weekend with activities and work.

Instead I have chosen a comfy chair overlooking the ocean and the next 2.5 hours with no agenda.


Watching the birds, the waves, the people, listening to the sounds, smelling the amazing fresh air.

I encourage you to take a moment: a 10 minute guided relaxation, a 30 minute walk, a bath. Whatever your body and mind need to rest.

When your thoughts drift off to the to-do list, gently guide them back to rest.

It takes us way longer to do work when we are stressed, anxious, frustrated or bitter. Take a break and reset.


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