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Rest and Reward

blog charting champions intentional rest smarter charting Jun 06, 2022

The month of May was filled with amazing conversations and lots of learning.

The Charting Champions and Smarter Charting Members really embraced the challenge of creating Intentional Rest 😍

This looked like:
🤩Being curious with what we listen to on the commute to and from work.
🤩Noticing the frustration that we add to complex encounters and deliberately calming our stress levels to reserve our energy.
🤩 Planning our bedtime, lunchbox or even fun activities on the weekends to enjoy our time NOT working.
🤩 Pausing the rush for quiet peace instead.


We had a special guest coach, Dr. Kemia Sarraf who explored secondary trauma in medicine, how to identify it in ourselves and others, and how to heal.

Summer is just around the corner so we are planning an amazing June filled by creating FUN.

You haven't missed out, you can join the program and catch the replays 😍❤️


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