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Questioning Everything

blog clinical day redesign sustainable clinical medicine Apr 18, 2022
The word possible written in the sand

Isn't it interesting that day after clinical day the same things are always happening?

You wake up and rush about and eventually get to the clinic with 2 minutes to spare, or 6 minutes late. There's that internal dialogue that starts with "not again!" or "I'll try harder tomorrow".

At 11am you can almost guarantee you are 25 minutes behind and all those good intentions of keeping up with your charts are long gone.

You get to the "lunch break" 30 minutes late and start handling the inbox, trying to decide if you can make the effort to go heat up your lunch, or eat it cold (and with your fingers) so that you avoid distracting conversation in the tea room.

You just get into the swing of the inbox when the afternoon patients start getting roomed, you reluctantly leave the inbox and start afternoon clinic 10 minutes late, secretly dreading having to resume patient encounters.

Sometime mid afternoon it's all melting together in your brain, you yawn under your mask and hope that the next patient just has one wart that needs minimal brain output.

You yearn for the last patient to be done and sigh heavily with relief once they are done.

Then WHACK, all the doom and gloom returns as you realize 5 charts are completed out of the whole day and there's still half an inbox to do, 5 new messages came in and you have to run to grab the kids.

Sound familiar?

There's a certain dread about having to face the same defeating clinical day process day after day and year after year. We start to question both our sanity and choice of career.

"It's unsustainable" is what I see posted in the Facebook Groups by exasperated Physicians.

If this is you, then I want you to sign up for the very special 2 hour workshop on April 23rd, where we will be questioning EVERYTHING! This is the first step to choosing and designing a clinical day that works for you! EVEN WHEN you don't have control of how many patients and your hours of work (which is a reality for some of you).

You will have an introduction to the process that is helping hundreds of Physicians get home with today's work done and an opportunity to start designing and changing your clinical day.

It is an interactive workshop. Bring your thinking caps and imagination, pens and paper.

There are INFINITE POSSIBILITIES for how we set up our clinical days... but our brains like to stay in the same familiar comfortable chaos (Even when we are exhausted by it!)

It's only when we step back and say "What do I want and how do I make it happen" that we really start to see possibility and make lasting changes

I invite you to join us. This is an extra special event, I have never taken this training outside of the Charting Champions Program before.  It's $100 to join the workshop.

Need CME? You will be able to claim 1 AMA PRA CME Credit for attending (and MainPro points if you are in Canada)

Are you excited to join us? I am looking forward to seeing you there and helping you Redesign Your Clinical Day!

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