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time management Dec 29, 2019
Who has "procrastinate less" as a New Year's Resolution 🙋
Do you wonder why you procrastinate?
The simple answer is that your brain -
Seeks Pleasure
Avoids Pain
Likes to be Efficient
In other words: the couch, your bed, heck even cleaning a bathroom can be more pleasurable than finishing forms, emptying your inbox or going for a workout.
So how do you do something that you don't want to do?
You decide ahead if time that you are going to do something and when the time comes - you do it anyway.
You do it even if you want a snack first
You do it even if the couch feels just right
The catch is - you need a good WHY
Even if your WHY is that you get to be so proud of yourself for turning up and getting it done.
Try it out
Plan that thing you don't want to do
Choose your why
Turn up at the scheduled time
And get to work
Get it done
And If you want to coach with me, I would love to show you how to get your charting done and get home to those more pleasurable activities.
xx Sarah, the Charting Coach
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