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Apr 04, 2020


It's something we are all struggling with right now.

Trust me:
No One Is
No One Was

Do you feel like you are making it up;
Minute by minute
Day by day

Then you are exactly where you should be
With everyone else

So what is the FEELING that is driving you
Is it Fear
Is it Curiosity
Is it Anger

I have them all too

But consider each of these emotions

When I approach my email I use Curiosity
"I wonder what I will learn today"

I could easily have chosen to be overwhelmed instead.

When I approach my emergency department
I feel fear
"I'm going to get Co-Vid"

But I have learned calm myself with
"I will protect myself and my staff"
This brings a feeling of Responsibility
and the action of being responsible in wearing my PPE, washing my hands, care with objects

When I consider my ability to earn income to support my staff and my family
I feel Anger.
"Alberta Health does not respect It's doctors"

But you know what
This is my thoughts
It's not a fact

The fact:
It is possible to support my staff and my family
It is possible to earn less and be more responsible with all other spending

It is possible to earn enough during a Pandemic
"I will provide for my staff and my family"
This feels Determined
This drives innovation
This drives skill development
This drives income

We are capable of change

xx Sarah, the Charting Coach

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 Photo: post FIT testing for N95 (this is not my usual garb for ordinary ER work and yes I kept this mask for a day that I need it. 😷😉)

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