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Jul 22, 2019

Being wanted is super attractive and panders to our egos like nothing else!

I get it, everyone I see in my clinic has wanted to be there, they have gone to the effort of phoning for an appointment and booking time with me - their family physician. Additionally they typically want my opinion or advice. It's Very Flattering.

I was recently asked to consider being co-director of a program at the University of Alberta. I really considered it. I absolutely could rock that role. But I am not the right person for that position right now. I know a great family doc who would rock that position better than me but I won't mention her name!

Right now I have a vision to help family doctors LOVE their job and stay put in their career and have amazing lives! That's where my focus is and where my energy is. Coaching family doctors through their problems and struggles and letting them find and create their solutions! So Fun!

If I am working with other on a project I want to know that these people genuinely want to be there and are not engaging with me around a project out of obligation.

I heard it beautifully said in a recent podcast: A powerful admired role model sent back a person decline to a request for a lunch meeting with the requester. She wrote "I am honored that you considered me to assist in your project but I must decline as I have some commitments and will not be able to assist you at this time. I wish you all the very best with your project". The podcaster noted that not only was she honored by the honesty and personalisation of the email response, she also developed deep trust and respect for the responder.

This powerful lady knew her boundaries! You know that if she is sitting at your table she is engaged and wants to be there rather than out of a sense of obligation.

That is so powerful for us to understand.

If I am engaging with you I want to be present and part of the conversation and I am not there out of a sense of obligation.

Give yourself the permission to do the same! Find your integrity and be honest in your commitments.

If you say yes, be all in, be engaged and be an amazing part of that project!

If you cannot commit at this time then be honest and you don't have to give a why!

Let your Yes be wholehearted and feel light. Let your No be equally light!

The outcome: I respectfully declined the position at this time and let them know how I love helping family docs right now and this is my focus! I remain fully engaged in other parts of the program with the University and love every minute of it!

Have a great week everyone!

xx Sarah, the Charting Coach

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