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Jan 12, 2020

Ok Friends, who here gets Mondayitis?

You know, that sinking feeling of dread that invades your Sunday, coming to a screaming head Sunday night. Typically right around the time your kids decide they don't really want to go to bed.

Or perhaps it hits you most terribly as you are cleaning up after supper and start planning the week.

Those dreaded demanding patients.

An inbox that's full of a couple of complicated results you have been putting off.

That form that has been waiting for you for at least 6 weeks.

Damn you forgot to look up prognosis of renal cell tumour at 4cm and your patient is coming in for her results tomorrow.

While you're at it, why not question if you are even cut out for this job.

Feels terrible doesn't it.
A thick sickening feeling that weighs heavily
Interupts your ability to enjoy your Sunday
Stops you staying in bed
Makes you restless and irritable

Why does it happen
Is there any solution

I was curious about this
Where did my Mondayitis go

The solution:
The daily practice of having your own back
Day after day
Month after month
Knowing your worth
Knowing you will not beat yourself up for not knowing an answer
Allowing yourself time to figure everything out

Self-confidence to not fear patients and symptoms

Trust that you are enough
You are exactly who your patient needs

You can do hard things
You can make a difference

You can love who you are as a physician

Do it your way
Love your style

Take care of you and get some sleep
Monday can take care of itself
I would also like to offer to help you
Help you with growing your self-confidence
and getting rid of your Mondayitis

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xx Sarah, the Charting Coach

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