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Insomnia is a 24-hour problem!

charting champions charting coach guest podcast podcast sustainable clinical medicine sustainable clinical medicine podcast Feb 20, 2023
New Podcast Episode: Insomnia is a 24-hour problem!

In this episode, I chat with Janet Whalen about how she helps bad sleepers & insomniac's become great sleepers! She shares that sleep is an inside job - no amount of supplements, weighted blankets, and blue light-blocking glasses helps as much as training your brain and body to relax on purpose; Perfectionism, people-pleasing, and productivity focus are the main enemies of sleep for most busy women. Insomnia is a 24-hour problem that we need to work on during the day!



Meet Janet Whalen:

Janet Whalen is a sleep & stress management coach for midlife, high-performing women. A former insomniac (40+ years!) turned great sleeper, Janet is passionate about helping women give themselves permission to sleep, rest and care for themselves after years of giving everything to work, family, and others.

Janet's coaching membership, Permission To Sleep, helps members sleep better without pills, potions, or needing anyone else's permission. Janet is a Certified Life Coach with The Life Coach School and has also been trained as a Co-Active coach through CTI. She is trained in CBTI (cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia) and is a Certified Mindfulness Teacher in training! Before she found her own sleep solution, she was a marketer, family photographer, and mom to her two adult sons. She's now empty nesting in southern Ontario, Canada with her husband of 25 years. When she's not talking about sleep, she can be found reading, kayaking, hiking, and gardening.

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