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I'm Never Done

blog change done paperwork stop charting at night Nov 15, 2021 can be simple, but it's rarely easy

Medicine was never meant to be easy, but no one said it had to take over your evenings, your weekends and the priorities you had for your life.

When you asked your mentors, colleagues, friends and preceptors, "How do you manage the paperwork?" What were you told?

I asked this question on the live masterclass last night and these are some responses:

“You don’t”

“ You come in on Sunday’s” 

"You are just working too hard"

"There’s something wrong with you"

"You just have to focus." 

"Don't be so compulsive."

"You just have to do it"

"Get a new dream"

“Just do less”

"Just do it"

"Your notes don’t need to be so long/detailed"

"Don’t write as many details"

"You just find a system"

When you read through that list, did you spot it? The perfect solution to get you home?

No, and neither did I.

I have coached hundreds of Physicians, many have been working for decades, and it didn't get any easier with time.

The solution requires a change to the way you are proceeding through your clinical day.

It can be simple, but it's rarely easy.

That is the value of a community, support and a coach to help you have the courage to make the changes necessary to get home with today's work done.

You can learn to keep medicine within the clinical day and create time for your life outside of medicine.

We start with finding your most simple solutions to getting those charts closed after every patient.

Then we work on running on time and managing your inboxes so that you can get these done as fast as possible

Life is meant to be enjoyed, and medicine should stay within the hours of your clinical day.

Reply and let me know if I missed any gems of wisdom that you were told!

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