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Jan 27, 2020
How hungry are you for change?
If you are downright determined then you are going to get what you want, no matter the obstacles!!
When I ask my patients if they want help quitting smoking and they say they'll think about it, I hear "no, I can't handle my life without my little stinky sticks"
When a prospective client doesn't sign up, I hear "I like suffering with my charting, I like being the victim to my paperwork, I like having something to complain about" - Hey, it's their decision, they can stay there if they want!
What story are you telling yourself about the change you desire?
Are you saying "one day" because it seems too hard.
One day will never come unless you chase after it and face any obstacle and fail until you succeed.
I chose this photo as I have always had thin hair. Mum used to say I would be bald by 30 as I always tied it up so tight.
Well recently I can across a solution. They promise to thicken and strengthen your hair. I said yes. My "one day" to improve my hair had arrived.
Obstacles: First price - around $80/month for the three products I use.
I mean, who pays that for shampoo etc.
I had to get out of my own money scarcity story.
Second: (no judging please) I had to stay in the shower a full 7 minutes.
Ok then, laugh away!
It takes 7 minutes to double shampoo, massage scalp and wait for conditioner to infuse.
I have trained myself over many years of being on- call to be in and out of a shower, dressed, makeup and hair in 10 minutes!!
7 minutes in a shower feels way too long!
So I had to learn to be grateful for hot water and 7 minutes alone time.
So this is my before picture. 
And a tale to ask you how hungry are you to be done with charting at night?
If you are desperate for change, I can help you

xx Sarah, the Charting Coach

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