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Have You Figured It Out Yet?

backlog blog mindset paperwork Jun 07, 2021

June is here, the snow has melted, and the grass is green. New lambs and new calves play in the fields. Flowers adorn the edge of the outside deck.

The office however seems hauntingly similar. Patients to see, charts to do, students to teach, forms to complete, inboxes that keep refilling.

So take a minute and notice your top three feelings at work.

You may be noticing dread, haste, overwhelm come up over and over. What about procrastination, avoidance, frustration?

You are not alone. It is so common to feel trapped, like there is no escape and no end in sight. Nothing you do feels good enough. You have a long list of things to prove to me that you are right, that there is too much to do.

Getting today’s work done today is an impossible fantasy.

…. Or is it?

I was talking with Ana Blake today about our path to freedom. Getting work contained to work hours, and getting our lives back. Our stories are similar and so different. What we both needed was someone to help us figure it out.

My journey was with a general life coach, there was no charting coach. I adapted coaching tools being used to help people lose weight to help myself out of trapped and overwhelmed.

I didn’t know the path, just where I wanted to be. I wanted my workday to end so that I could get to my actual life! 

When Ana started coaching with me, she was also trapped in a job that never ended, burnout and overwhelmed. There was very little joy left in her clinical day. Click here to hear about Ana's story. To Ana, a change seemed impossible but necessary. It was time to figure it out, and she did.

The step-by-step process to getting today’s work done today helped her from day 1. I want you to know that you can find your path to clinical day transformation. It can be manageable, it is possible, even for you. What’s even better is you can also get help and community to keep you moving toward your goals and desires! Wouldn’t that be great? Help to get unstuck and finally figure out how to contain your job to work hours?

The major steps to getting today’s work done today are not a secret. You get the step-by-step process broken down into simple to follow core modules inside Charting Champions Program for Physicians and Smarter Charting Program for Healthcare Professionals.

The steps are:

  1. Finding your most simple solution to get those charts closed as you go.
  2. Learning to evaluate and optimize your clinical encounters.
  3. Creating protected inbox time.
  4. Managing your interruptions and distractions.
  5. Having a backlog strategy.

Once you know how to do these steps within your clinical environment with your patients, getting home with everything done is as good as done! But like I said earlier, figuring it out on your own is the SLOW way, and you are more likely to give up and end up where you started - overwhelmed and stuck.

I have created a community and tools to help you, it’s easy to get started, and you get support and encouragement to create your goals. 

Start imagining what it would be like to walk out the door with everything done. Wouldn’t that be amazing?  It is amazing, it’s life changing. There is finally time for everything else. You deserve to figure it out.

I look forward to helping you!

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